Robert Storms Foundation

​​Alberdingk Thijm Scholen has established a fund in remembrance of the late Robert Storms (1938 - 2001). Robert Storms was an educational pioneer, who in 1989 set up the first bilingual programme in the Netherlands at the international department of the Alberdingk Thijm College (ATC). Till this very day Alberdingk Thijm Scholen has remained in the vanguard of new developments in the fields of bilingualism and internationalisation. Therefore, the Robert Storms Foundation provides financial support for motivated students with study abroad plans.  

Gap Year, partnership with AFS ​​​and student projects

All students of ATC, Laar & Berg and IS Hilversum in havo 4, vwo 5 or IB DP-1 are eligible for financial assistance in their going abroad plans. The Robert Storms Foundation offers several​ opportunities: 

1. Gap Year South Africa

For a number of years Alberdingk Thijm Scholen foundation has maintained a unique exchange program with a number of prominent schools in South Africa. After their graduation, students can spend a year applying themselves as teacher assistants, while staying on campus of a South African school. The added benefit lies in the fact that the selected applicants will have their travel expenses and accommodation paid for by the Robert Storms Foundation. Read more about this gap year program

2. Exchange year with AFS

AFS is partner of the Alberdingk Thijm Sc​holen. Students from Alberdingk Thijm Scholen who participate in an exchange program of AFS can be eligible for financial assistance of a maximum of​ € 2.000. AFS is an international non profit organisation which supports intercultural exchange of students all over the world ( Please scroll down this page to find the​ application Form.

​3. Student Projects

If you are a student at one of the Alberdingk Thijm Scholen and you want to participate with fellow students from your own school or from other schools from Alberdingk Thijm Scholen in an international project? You might be eligible for funding from the Robert Storms Foundation. An example is the World Scholar's Cup. Students from ATC and Laar & Berg participated in this.


If you want to apply for funding from the Robert Storms Foundation, please contact the head of your school and/or contact Marlies Eijsink or Johan Peereboom for more information.​

​Blogs and Photogalleries:​


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Overzicht leerlingen met een bijdrage uit Robert Storms Foundation tot 2018​

 met een aantal links naar blogs, artikelen en websites

2017Melina van den Ende (ISH)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Maya Thomas (ISH)Studie English Literature, Oriel College, OxfordGroot Brittannië
 36 leerlingen van ATC en Laar & BergWorld Scholar's Cup Athene en KaapstadGriekenland en Zuid-Afrika
2016Janneke Delwel (ISH)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Thijs Kelder (Laar & Berg)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Ayako Sakumo (ISH)Bachelorstudie Math & Science, Miami UniversityVerenigde Staten
 Dirk Karssiens (ATC)Bachelorstudie software engineering, Cardiff Metropolitan UniversityGroot Brittannië
 Janna Wester (ISH)Class a float, Canadian school programWorld wide
2015Jetje Heuperman (ATC)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Tycho Saul (ATC)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Andreas Lauffer (Laar & Berg)High School Exchange AFS​Hong Kong
 Pleun Jansen (ATC)High School Exchange AFSDenemarken
2014Steven Mijnhout (ATC)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Mente Wester (ISH)School at Sea, leadership programworldwide
2013Yasmine Tonningen (Laar & Berg)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Stefen Richie (Laar & Berg)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Kevin Brouwer (ATC)High School Exchange AFSZuid-Frankrijk
2012Cato de Vos (ATC)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Tim van Efferen (ATC)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Nold Jaeger (Laar & Berg)Deelname Project Trust: engelse les geven op een schoolChina
2011Elise Stumpel (Laar & Berg)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Rick Scholten (Laar & Berg)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
2010Roos Beek (ATC)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika
 Bob Hendrikx (Laar & BergGap Year, Wynberg High School​
2009Jori Hoenkamp (Laar & Berg)Gap Year, Wynberg High SchoolZuid-Afrika


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